Project 17 Business Programs

Business programs to convene and assist existing and emerging agricultural technology companies are essential to the regional business infrastructure.  They will provide a gathering place for ag-technologists to meet and exchange knowledge and co-market to the ag industry, a forum for business education, a group for setting technical standards for the deployment of technology, and a forum for exposing patents to businesses for technology transfer & commercialization.  

Project 17 Business Programs encourage and facilitate dialog and information exchange among providers of advanced agricultural technologies, users and funders in order to promote the adoption by the agricultural industry of technology solutions that will increase their bottom-line profitability. 

The Programs aim to engage product and service providers and other stakeholders in research, education and dialog to improve the value and accelerate the acceptance in the market of agricultural technology products, whether they be software, hardware, electronics, mechanical, agronomy, internet-based, energy, or water-conservation.

Project 17 Business Programs are open to developers, manufacturers and distributors of high-tech products for growers, shippers and processors break down market barriers to awareness and acceptance of innovative solutions.  Programs increase resources for more expansive and far-reaching customer education and group-sponsored research.  In addition, stakeholders' collective presence adds market credibility to participants and opens opportunities for dialog with more prospective users.

Project 17 Programs:

• Research topics, publish reports and educate market stakeholders to remove fear and uncertainty and highlight the utility and ongoing value of innovative solutions

• Increase awareness of vendor solutions among growers and shippers.

• Provide information exchange among participants and between participants and markets, promoting accelerated product improvement.

Project 17 staff have a list of 200 businesses and institutions that have expressed an interest in participating in Business Programs to assist them with the robust development of their companies and of processes for dovetailing technological solutions into agriculture to solve the increasingly challenging issues around food production, safety and marketing.

If your business or institution is interested in participating in Project 17 Programs, please contact Adam Davis at 831-582-9718 or email

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