October 19, 2012

Innovative Technologies in Food Safety:
Tracking Produce and Process

On October 19, 2012, Project 17 International sponsored an invitation-only Think Tank Session to outline steps for addressing issues of de-nitrification of agricultural water.  Following up on the previous year’s session on de-nitrification of water, this session examined realistic next steps for addressing and solving water nitrification resulting from agricultural use of nitrates, including legacy pollution.  Issues involving the penetration of nitrates into soil and, eventually, into water launched the discussion as to what concrete steps could be taken in the Monterey Bay region to address these issues through collaborative experimentation and through individual company leadership. 

Discussion themes included:

•    Identification of three issues around de-nitrification that could be, realistically, addressed in the next six months.

•    Identification of steps that could be taken, and by whom, to address these issues. 

•    Identification of the obstacles to action and what facilitating factors could support true change. 

•    Delineation of the group’s best recommendations  for “Concrete Next Steps.”

•    Identification of how Project 17 International will facilitate this commercialization process among Ag Triad players. 


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