Agricultural Enterprises

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Food Safety & Technology Solutions
New businesses and business concepts that create new technology solutions for the agriculture-industry cluster are emerging daily.  ACSII Technology ( is a client at the Marina Technology Cluster and is commercializing enterprise software at the incubator that will cut costs for producers and shippers and increase food safety for retailers and consumers. ACSII ag-enterprise tools for crop planning give the grower and shipper control over their processes by providing real-time reports from the field and the process plants.  They allow the grower, shipper, retailer and consumer to pinpoint the origin of a strawberry or a leaf of lettuce to within 15 feet of where it was grown and picked for food traceability and food safety – and, therefore, national food security – purposes. 

Another start-up company in the region is aiming to track crops like commodities on an exchange.  Knowing how many acres are in green lettuce or strawberries can help growers and shippers to understand what their market prices will be.  

Another has isolated a bacteria that draws nitrogen from the air and fixes it into the soil, eliminating the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers and increasing the water-holding capacity of soil.

These are just a few examples of the solutions being imagined to solve the 21st-Century problems of shippers and growers.

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