Thursday, March 8, 2012 
Marina Technology Cluster

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Solsustech Founder and Director Deb Walliser was a finalist of the 2012 Monterey Bay Regional Business Plan Competition

Grow Better Food, Faster, with 1/40th the Water!

2011 Monterey Bay Regional Business Plan Competition Finalist Deb Walliser decided to think outside the box when she developed hydroponic growing systems for NASA to deploy on Mars.  

Now Deb has brought 21st Century hydroponics to the Fresh Capital of the World.  Find out how she grows superior lettuces, vine crops, trees and berries in "crappy" water in extreme temperature conditions on one gallon of water per head of lettuce, and harvests every 28 days. 

What would that mean to YOUR enterprise?

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Thursday, February 9, 2012
Marina Technology Cluster


 Internet-security expert George Sidman speaks at the February, 2012, Ag-TechNet 

Keep Ag Data Secure

High-tech solutions for the ag industry will increase efficiencies for growers and shippers, decrease incidences of fresh-food recalls and increase bottom-line profitability for the industry.  As more and more ag data hits the airwaves via satellite, broadband and cell networks, the industry needs to protect its information from hacking by disreputable interlopers.  

George Sidman, regional entrepreneur and founder of the Monterey Network Center and data-security company WebLOQ, and now senior principal at his consulting firm, SideKarr, will tell us how to keep ag-business data secure as we bring information technology into growing, harvesting, packaging and shipping 85% of the nation's fresh berries, lettuces and other produce.

A long-time resident of Carmel, George has a track record of more than thirty years in launching and growing successful companies. He has a range of experience directly as the founder of numerous technology start-ups, and as the architect and developer of two sports facilities. He has participated in private and public offerings, and is experienced in corporate formation, equity structures, technology and business licensing, market and sales development, and leading high technology development teams and product-to-market software successes. 

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marina Technology Cluster

Susan MTC

Susan Arcady Barich is director of Project 17

Project 17:

What the heck IS it? 

  • An Ag-Tech Network where you set technical standards, share technological solutions, learn about best business practices and co-market to the ag industry
  • An Inventory of regional Assets and Resources to provide supply-chain information for your business
  • Business Start-Up Assistance to launch your new ag-tech business
  • A Robotics Initiative for thinking outside of the box
  • Coalitions for grant applications
  • A Business Plan Competition to expose your business to funders and the market
  • Think Tank Sessions to define the thorny challenges of agriculture

Join us at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 12th at the Marina Technology Cluster as Marina Technology Cluster and Project 17 Director Susan Barich tells how you can benefit from Project 17, the SBA-funded regional innovation cluster dovetailing technology into agri-business to reduce ag's costs, increase profitability and crete a regional cluster of agricultural-technology businesses and services in the Monterey Bay Area.

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