Community Outreach and Education

Workforce training to increase workforce technology literacy and provide other job advancement opportunities is provided by Goodwill Industries of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties, CSUMB Extended Education, Hartnell College and ALBA (Agricultural Land-Based Training Association).  Everyone’s Harvest also provides the workforce with training on development of community gardens and healthy cooking and eating habits to prevent obesity and improve worker health.  In addition,  ALBA provides workshops to small farmers and farm workers to increase their knowledge of farming and best farming practices.

Meanwhile, programs at the regional community college, Hartnell, teach field workers to design effective field-watering systems that conserve water while providing crops with the optimal amount of water to yield the greatest harvest with the least resource wasted.  Water is a dangerously tenuous resource in this region where overwatering can allow encroachment on the aquifers of saline sea water from the Monterey Bay. 

And ALBA is a regional non-profit that incubates farmers by supporting them through multi-year training on how to grow food.  Fledgling farmers start out with small plots of land and eventually move to larger and larger plots till they can sustain their farming operation and graduate to their own leased land.  ALBA also trains these farmers and the workforce in computer literacy for field operations.  

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